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What Clients Are Saying

Since starting my business, I have helped my clients discover effective approaches in dealing with the challenges in their lives. Read on to learn what clients have to say about their experience with my coaching services, and contact me today to schedule your own session.

Testimonials: Testimonials

When I first began my sessions with Ronda, I was unsure of myself, easily intimidated by leadership, and overwhelmed by challenging tasks.  Over a 3 or 4-month timeframe of weekly sessions with Ronda, I began to discover the root causes to many of my feelings of inadequacy.  Her technique is so gentle, yet so “spot-on”!  She has a dynamic and strategic way of supporting me to “get down to the bottom of” my thought processes and feelings.  My sessions with her have been so effective, that I feel empowered and encouraged each time to take on new challenges! I am now able to communicate effectively with leadership and am doing the “work” to be a servant-leader as well! The anxiety I used to feel has transformed into energy to be my BEST self!  She has supported me discovering the tools along with the know-how to use those tools that I already have to live my best life effectively.  Working with Ronda has helped me to see the sky's the limit!  Thanks to her, my dreams are becoming my reality!!

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When I first contacted Ronda for her coaching services, my life seemed to be running me instead of me running my life. It felt like I was walking around in a fuzzy cloud, not knowing what I should do next.  I am a skeptical person, but considering the state of my life, I was willing to try anything. After only one coaching session with Ronda, it felt like the fuzzy cloud that seemed to engulf my head just dissipated, and I was able to think and see clearly again.  As I continued in more sessions with Ronda, she helped me to set some specific goals that put me on a path to becoming my authentic self.  During those sessions, Ronda helped me to identify the toxic mindsets that stemmed from my dysfunctional childhood; mindsets that had me bound up, believing I was less than and couldn't do my heart's desire or have an expectation of being happy and content. She helped me to shift my thinking toward the truth of God's Word and what He says about me.  I am amazed at how different my life is now.  I feel like a new person on the path to being the woman that God created me to be.  I would recommend Ronda’s coaching services to anyone who is looking to become the very best version of him or herself.  She is a phenomenal coach!


When I first heard of the word "life-coach" I instantaneously correlated the synonymous words of therapist and counseling. However, life-coaching has its own foundational tools and methodology essential to a healthy lifestyle. Life-coaching with Ronda Murphy has aided in my growth and changed my mindset. Learning the breakdown of a thought and how easily it can be transformed and framed into a resulting action, whether positive or negative, helps me daily. The definitive cycle of mind, body and spirit functioning harmoniously was the best tool Ronda mentioned to me in one of our sessions. Since then, I have selfishly made it a point to make sure Kendria is aligned harmoniously because I only get one me; so why not have her be her best, both inside and out.

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Working with Ronda was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and always knows the right questions to ask. Through her questioning and reasoning, I was able to understand that putting myself first is okay without feeling guilty. I am so happy that I was able to work with her and gain so much. Thank you Ronda!

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If I had the privilege of supporting you to the point of life change, I would love to hear about it! Send your testimony to me at  
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