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Newness Of Life After Divorce Is Yours For The Taking!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Most couples get married anticipating a lifelong relationship. If you take the traditional vows seriously, you commit to staying together when it gets tough - misunderstandings, disagreements, low or no money, and/or sickness. It’s easy to stay together otherwise. However, it takes a solid commitment from the both of you for a marriage to grow and remain successful. Relinquishing one's own selfishness is required from each person in the marriage.

I beggingly prayed to be married to my children’s father. I now realize it was my effort to right the wrong of having our first daughter out of wedlock. I was so dysfunctional and had already passed up so many red lights, stop signs and railroad crossings in the relationship. I had not come to the realization that I wanted something that he could not give me.

Five years into the marriage, after taking a step back and looking at the path our marriage was taking, I told him I was determined to grow and if he did not start to value our relationship, it was ultimately going to end in divorce.

By the time I filed for the divorce, I had learned some very valuable lessons, but the most profound one was how important it is that each person enters into marriage with mutual values (with the same spiritual values) and commitment.

My first marriage ended in divorce because my children's father did not choose to participate in the marriage and I found myself working to preserve it alone.

The divorce was surreal and one of the most insightful turning points in my life. I made a personal commitment to myself to not dismiss warning signs in any relationship. I have learned how to not abandon myself. I have learned what I need and what I cannot live without!

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