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Do You Struggle With Belonging?

I remember not feeling like I belonged in my family. I always thought my mother was closer to my siblings than me. I frequently asked my parents where I came from and was brushed off with the “joke” that I was found in a ditch. I felt excluded from interactions with my siblings. My birthday falls in December - yes, a few days before Christmas, and so it was very rarely celebrated, nor was I ever given an explanation as to why. Being the middle child, I felt invisible. My older sister was just that - the oldest, the firstborn. My younger sister was the "baby" in the family. I felt forgotten. It was not until I was thirty-seven years old that I learned when I was born, I was in the hospital for more than a week due to circumstances surrounding my birth, separated from my mother. That explained the estrangement I had felt all that time. I chose to forgive immediately, and it has been the pathway to restoration in my relationships with my family.

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