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LATTER HOUSE LIFE CHANGES:  How my Transformation led to My Passion!

Before I became pregnant out of wedlock with my first daughter, I was working full-time, living alone, and supporting myself.  After a few months into my pregnancy, I moved back home until it was almost time for her to be born.  I eventually married her father, with hopes that his decision to join the army would result in a better life for all of us...  Not.  He was honorably discharged five months after enlisting due to unacceptable behavior. The only thing that changed was how my family grew.  I continued financially supporting the family alone through the births of another daughter and a son.

My children's father and I spent more time separated than together as a family during the thirteen years of marriage. It was the late nineties.  I was a single parent, officially in the process of getting divorced.  My children’s father was never financially supportive, even after the divorce was final and even though it included an order for child support.

In November 1997, I was laid off from a permanent position that had been created for me that February.  The company retained me, but only on a permanent part-time basis, which was how I was originally hired.  I continued until I realized we needed more.  Soon after, I received a notice that my rent would increase $30 per month with a renewed lease.  Afraid that I could not make ends meet without additional financial support, I moved myself and my children back home to live with my mother in December 1998. 

I applied to and was hired by a temporary agency to work long term assignments with an increased level of pay. I used a letter of income verification from the temp agency to purchase a new vehicle. 

During my first temp assignment, working as a customer service representative in the auto insurance department, I was sitting at my desk, having lunch, and had what I consider to be my first glimpse into entrepreneurship.  I conceived the idea of helping other single parent mothers by opening a business where I provided training of general clerical skills and networked with employers in the community to provide on-the-job training to a clientele that found themselves in the same situation to which I had become accustomed:  single parenting without the father’s presence and no financial participation.  I wrote out a quick financial plan that would pay us all simultaneously. 

By 2009, I had realized that I was destined for entrepreneurship. I registered Latter House Life Changes as a business in my local county in 2009.

I had now contemplated the opportunity to serve single parents but also had reflected on the help I might be able to provide high school youth. The latter was conceived through the personal experience of supporting my own daughters and son in discovering their own purpose and inspiring them toward forging their own independence.  In that process, the passion for this venture was born and I began lending my knowledge and experiences to individuals, mostly single parents, who asked for insight and advice for their own situation.  I call it Divinely inspired practice. 

I continue to embody the passion to serve single parent families, high school youth and young adults. I see the prevailing opportunity to fill the overwhelming need to provide these targeted groups with the professional service of life coaching, especially post the COVID pandemic which dismantled life’s norms. This dismantling exposed the unfortunate perpetuation of racism and social disparity, and thus financial oppression.  My mission is to provide life coaching services to these targeted groups at little or no cost to them.  This being a mission bigger than me, I am reaching out for the help of others who would love the opportunity to meet this need! I have learned the power in "ask".

If this resonates with you, and you want to help with this effort, any gift, large or small, would be greatly appreciated.

You can use either one of the following payment methods:

Zelle app: (Ronda Murphy)

Venmo app: @Ronda-Murphy-11 (Ronda Murphy)

Thank you and may you experience continued, multiplied, blessings in return!

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