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Latter House Life Changes


Before I was a mother, I can remember young women approaching me for advice related to single-parenting, and I saw the lack and disadvantages they also faced as single mothers. After I became a single mother, and experienced the same challenges, in the late 90s, my vision for Latter House Life Changes (LHLC) was conceived.  In 2009, I made the decision to embark upon entrepreneurship, and Latter House Life Changes (LHLC) was officially registered as a DBA.  In 2014, I created a business journal for myself, and recorded more details about the vision for LHLC, which included Professional Coaching. I’ve crossed paths with and helped several individuals break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Click HERE to learn more about me and my life experience.  I’ve found my passion and have experienced great fulfillment in doing so!  As a Professional Coach, I am here to support you in tapping into the courage it takes to become intentional and anchored!  Let me support you in developing better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your transformation to living from the inside out!.

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I'm a Texan - Houston has been my home for my entire life.  I was barely out of my mother’s house and living on my own when I met my children’s father.  Not long after we met, I became pregnant with my oldest daughter.  Her father and I were married before our daughter became a year old, and to this union another daughter and a son were born.  After a few years of trying to make a very difficult and dysfunctional marriage work, I resigned myself to raise my children without my husband’s support or his presence.  Although I was married on paper to my children's father for thirteen years, I was essentially a single mother during the entire marriage.  I was fortunate to have the spiritual, emotional and financial support of my own immediate family.  In the late 1990s, as my oldest daughter embarked upon her teenage years, my son was also getting to the age that the influence of a man was becoming more and more necessary in his life.  I began to see various needs in my life, as well as in my children’s lives, that were not being met as a result of our single-parented family lifestyle.   

I continued raising my children and providing for them as best I could as a single mother.  Once my youngest child became an adult, I began to focus the majority of my attention on furthering my education. In 2009, I completed my Associates degree in Business Administration. In 2015, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology with a Minor degree in General Business.  In 2020, after being reminded of my desire to become a Professional Coach, I sought out and registered with Human Potential Institute and began online classes in September of that year.  In August of 2021, I completed the requirements to become a Certified Professional Coach.

On a very special day in April of 2015, I met the man of my dreams and the love of my life!  At our ages, we already knew the qualities and characteristics we desired in a spouse, so there was no need for a long engagement.  We were married later that same year.  With this marriage, I gained two additional adult children. Combined, my wonderful husband and I now have five daughters and sons, giving us four beautiful grandchildren, who definitely keep me on my toes!

About: About Me
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